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It has been a month since my last blog post

By  Dominic Blaaque     07.51     
I guess everyone already knows that i havent got any offer to any Local Public University,
yes, no offer!

well lets look at the bright side of life, i get to extend my holiday and i get to watch the world cup at home.
UiTM dudes are in today Good Luck Naderk, Ayong, Azharuddin and Sape2 lg yg UiTM hehe :D

Its already the 27th of June, a few more days, its July already.
I'm really hoping to get admitted into UniTEN,
i've lost hope on public Universities D:
PTPTN, can u loan me 49K?

Oh well, lets look at the good news of today
Ghana defeated USA!!!!!!!!!! yeay!
Lewis Hamilton qualified 3rd place on the grid for today's upcoming Valencia GP

sorry if my blog is kinda boring, i'm losing myself here, i cant really sleep at night

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