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Finals in a few days and i'm still blogging

By  Dominic Blaaque     21.50     

Oh yes i am haha consider it as a practice for MUET essay writing.

Hmmm life lately hmmm hmm hmmm
haha surprisingly, I feel human again!, without changing who i am, haha thank u!
exams are in a few days, so much to cover, so little time, i guess this is what "Pasum" really meant, but my definition is a place where "so much to learn, so little time" haha its like as if the lecturers here are stuffing tons of marshmallows into our mouths haha
oh well, new spirit, new life, whatever comes tommorrow, i'll be there, no turning back. ;D
There's a new bear in the house hehe :P

sleepless nights, revising, revising and revising, i think i better start on the past year questions rather than revising.

My usual place of serenity aka UM's Library has been affected by a swarm of Pasum students, haih...
oh well, studying in college is the same i guess except for the chilly aircond and vending machines in the library haha tongkat ali rm1 je hahaha

Today was a happy day i guess, i woke fresh from bed, as lectures started around 3 sumtin until 5 o'clock. As i got back from lectures, Faris gave me a ride on his uncle's X-Trail, to the LRT station, for me to go to Damansara to fetch my car (*partially mine to be accurate, the rest belongs to my sis hehe) the weird thing is, DAMANSARA TAK JAM haha mmg pelik gila oh, usually during those peak hours cars are like turtles. I went to ikea to buy some food for buka puasa and some stuff, then got back to UM.

Yesterday was a blast, as it was the last MUET class, the weird thing is, its the 2nd time i didnt sleep during MUET, thats IMPOSSIBLE! haha i took a pic with Mr.Govindan, D1's loving and caring MUET Tutor, he's like a father/grandfather figure to us

I cant wait for Saturday ehehehehe :D All out studying for tonight and tommorrow, saturday will be a day for me to chill down and have fun. I'll be going to a Panda Sanctuary to fetch a Panda and have some fun together hehe.

i cant believe i'm saying this but i am, LIFE ROCKS!

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4 komentar:

♥NwaL♥ mengatakan...

fetching pandas??seriously?what was that suppose to mean? =P

SUSU. mengatakan...

Haha, marshmallows! :D

Pandas? Where? Hahahaha... Ejam and pandas. Inseperable. XD

Dominic Blaaque mengatakan...

Only god knows what i mean haha

.cik ceria. mengatakan...