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Angry expressive chick goes emooooo! haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.48     

recently, there was a lepasan Pasum teraniaya page on facebook, the page was actually meant to discuss and give awareness towards juniors, for them to actually think twice before they make a decision in their journey of continuing studies after school.pasum is tough, with the temptations and everything haha

since we live in malaysia, anything can be contreversial and give double meanings, our nation is full of exageration and jumping to conclusions. unfortunately,the same fate happened to this page.

all kinds of discrimination were thrown to this page haha there positive views too besides that. since the page was mostly about students that didnt get into med school, so i wrote on the wall and wrote, make more med school? and then this chick got emoo haha laugh all u want, here it goes...... there two pictures, zoomed to whats important version and full version

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auly mengatakan...

i think she hav some pts there, truth on the current situation, though it may b sounded wrongly. dont easily get offended :)

theres so many ppl in tis world, with so many thoughts, and so so many ways of delivering the thoughts. s/t, its ok to be wrong, its ok to make mistakes. take 'em positively, it makes u a better person.
cc; me

Dominic Blaaque mengatakan...

of course she has some points haha i knew it from the beginning, but she shouldnt have gotten so emo about it, it kinda makes me feel bad, it feels soo hmm unprofessional u know, coz the main statement already had "haha" at the end, she soo semangat nak balas on a mere facebook wall post, thats kinda hmm, a bit freaky, she even unintentionally called me stupid... people dont randomly call unkown people stupid. its just sad the that development of technology causing people to reckless of their thoughts and keep putting democracy as a reason of freedom of speech. this fast paced world can be very dangerous if it doesnt come with clear view of what we are seeing.

anyways, thanks for ur advices! i rarely get anonymous comments haha :D

Anonim mengatakan...

of course she'll be angry. its her future profession. its true she somehow looked unprofessional to be very emotional like that. mind you doctors need to be professional.

and you know, internet is serious business right? some people take things seriously. and when you have that freedom of speech, that would be a problem. freedom of speech is one. but one should remember, kerana mulut, badan binasa.