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Petra Energy Fast Track Engineer Assessment

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Before you start reading, some links around this blog is still under construction, I am slowly learning HTML haha, but the instagram link works lol. Okay,continue reading.....

So after a few months of unemployment, I finally got called for an Assessment for Petra Energy Berhad. I remembered that it was the first company I dropped my resume when I went to UTP for their Oil and Gas Career Expo back in June 2014.

I got back from UiTM oil and gas week on the 31st of October 2014, I drove all the way from Selangor back to Johor Bahru. I was on my bed and almost fell asleep and I got a call from a number which starts with +603 I am totally sure it must be a company and it was Petra. They told me I was invited for the Fast Track Engineer Program Assessment on the 10th and 11th of November, that was for the first level that is. Though if I pass the first level until the final level, which is the third level, the assessment would be until the 13th of November 2014.

So I'm not gonna explain much on what Petra Energy Berhad (PEB) does, you can google their website and read. I am going to explain more on the experiences I gained about the assessment and the structure of the assessment if you were to be chosen one day.

So the minimum requirements is that you must graduate or soon to be graduating in any engineering or petroleum geophysics or geology Bachelors Degree with a minimum CGPA of 3.3 and have good co-curricular activities (dont be lazy, do something outside of the classroom!). So those are the requirements if I'm not mistaken. You can always re-check if it changes over time.

Lets talk about the structure of the program. It consists of three stages. The first stage is the team assessment. The second one is the face to face interview with one of the HR recruiters and a member of the Project Management team and also an online IQ test. The third level, which is the last, is a group presentation, your group will be given a topic and you'll have to present it in front of the CEO and other top executives. During my assessment, they  invited 140 candidates, they will filter half of it for the next level, leaving around 70 and 42 made to the final stage. They will hire around 20 plus I was told (correct me if I'm wrong).

Oh, I forgot to mention that my assessment was held at the Royal Chulan Hotel in Mutiara Damansara. Parking rates are at a maximum of RM5.

For the first stage, I was randomly assigned to a table. So the tables you are assigned to are your team for the two days of the team assessment. It started off with an introduction of the company and inspiring words from the CEO (he's a really2 nice person). There were a variety of team challenges. Physical challenges too. There were also presentation challenges. Be very loud and love your team members, they will be among the best people you'll ever meet in your life. oh, also be very curious, along the assessment, there will be slots for you to ask questions, you will learn a lot and fall in love with the company.

After filtering the first 140 candidates, only 70 made the next stage, which is the face to face interview and iq test. The interviewers for the face to face interview are a member of the HR team and a member of the Project Management team. They are really nice and friendly and quite eager to know about the stuff you put on your resume, so make it really nice and outstanding. Oh yeah, do study on basic oil and gas knowledge and the company of course, its on their website.

And for the final stage, for assessment, only 42 made to the final stage. The 42 candidates was divided into 7 groups. I'm not sure whether it was randomly divided or hand picked. Seems a bit suspicious during my assessment. The groups were given a topic (the topics for all the groups are the same) and we were asked to prepare a presentation , including powerpoint. The presentation was done in front of the CEO and the top execs.After presenting, we were asked questions as a group and also personally. Quite an interesting experience for me, I really enjoyed answering haha.

I guess that is all I can tell, most likely it will have changes here and there in the future (it would be fun to do so right? haha). I would really like to thank Petra Energy Berhad for believing in me and giving me a chance to make it to the final stage, it was indeed an unforgettable experience. Not to forget, thank you for the delicious food.

The following are some photos and photos of awesome people (excluding me of course) I met during the assessment.
What I did the day before

The morning of the first day of the assessment at the hotel

This is my twin brother from sarawak haha we have the same name, the same spectacles, almost the same shirt, almost look the same i would say haha

This is a senior of mine from samura batch 24, his nick name was Poo-Sat. 

This is Aqil. He looks like TMJ doesnt he? haha

Selfie of my beloved group.

Selfie with Nasnie's group

Selfie with batchmates back in PASUM 09/10

From left: Farahin, Sandra and Me

Team 12! From left: Idzham, Aizad, Kun Kit(back), Farahin (front), Afiqah, Rabiatul, Naim and Izzat

Oh I bumped into Misha Omar
Nora Danish was also at the hotel haha

Selfie while waiting for our interview turn oh thats nazim on the right

The seats are so comfy

This is Sandra, an awesome girl from Sarawak

I forgot her name of the one on the left haha but the middle one is suzi

One of the interns haha

The other intern haha

Before asking Datuk for a selfie, I took one while he was shaking hands with all of the finalist

and we got one with Datuk Anthony!

and another one!

After the final assessment, I had dinner with my new friends.

Thanks again Petra Energy for the experience and also thank you all the awesome people I met during the assessment.  

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