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By  Dominic Blaaque     00.19     
I believe most of you have started your 4 month holiday around a month plus ago, i've just started mine 3 days ago.... which leaves me around 2 months and 2/3 weeks or so...

and sooo hmmmmmm 

most people started focusing on their careers (ceh haha), go travelling or do nothing

I guess i am in option 3.

I really hope for a job on teaching, but i guess i'm not worth it since i'm available for only two months plus, i could teach maths, add maths and physics : D 

Since its not worth teaching, i started going to the gym, yes, the gym, i just weighed in yester day, i'm 67! my god! but i'm not technically fat, even though i look fat, i'm almost average, ALMOST. weird eh? therefore, i'm not going to the gym to actually lose weight, i'm there to tone my bodeh! haha The gym is fun, many-many things to try out. I go for a 1 hour session everyday, mostly focusing on the arms and upper body. (*yes, that is where the flabby parts are haha), i have very nice legs thank you :P

Besides going to the gym, i go catching up on some Discovery Channel, History channel and etc... plus, sweet sweet movies on astro lately, really helps to burn time away :D furthermore, i intend to finish up my e-comics and books. Planning on studying german by downloading an app and also (hopefully) get started on dynamics, since i heard that its a really2 hard subject! and my dad is challenging me to beat his CGPA back at degree... Challenge accpeted dad! 

I wish my readers a good holiday, and dont waste it! anything u do which is productive is good enough! (*by productive i dont mean by just earning money, go learn something online!)

Ooh ooh ooh, lets go watch transformers 3!

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