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Mid Sem Break Sem 3

By  Dominic Blaaque     03.51     
It has been a long long time since i've blogged,
i cant believe my eyes, i still get ghostly visitors when i checked out the stats haha awesome

Its semester break, sem 3 is hectic, love hate relationships everywhere, trust issues, friendship issues, academic issues, house issues, everything all cramped into two months

I asked myself back, how the hell did i get in there? haha the best thing is, go somewhere quiet alone, think of whats relevant and try working on that

And the highest priority right now is, as usual, focus on academics, yes. I am targeting for 4 flat this year, i aint joking, 4 is the way! if i get 4 flat, i will shave my head bald, yes, i will haha

Many2, many2, challenges i have to face, back and forth, right to left, left to right, having quite an emotional roller coaster, i think i need a girlfriend to calm the wavelength, a kind of girlfriend that is free to do whatever she wants, no rules, no limitations, nothing, but is there to give a warm thought or speech. yeah, that kind. Impossible these days, all having relationship so that they can go all the way to marriage, you cant be perfect, you have to be extra perfect, many women nowadays are looking a bit too far.... way far maybe, at least thats what i'm facing in my society surrounding me.

Or maybe i'm just a bit too choosy? hmmm, anyway, the internet is a bit too personal nowadays, especially social networking sites, it can spark positive things but the dark side to it, it can spark a cold war, jealousy, hatred, humiliation and many more.... are these the "soft" weapons the zionist are using against us? subconscious mind control among ourselves? if ya ask me, i say its working goood, reaaaal good... sometimes i'm sick of starring at my techno social networking stuff, laptop, ipad, bb, for too long, where had my life been gone?  i'm a bit honest too myself actually, no wonder i let down myself sometimes, lets just hope its a sacrifice for the better good. and perfectionism, dont get me starting on that, sometimes i keep feeling that i could do better. Am i not working hard enough? or am i just not grateful enough?

you know, long unproductive holidays can play harsh mind games on anyone, reality strikes, hallucinations galore, good thoughts explode, innovations innovate and etc. If you are the kind of person who sometimes think of a tutorial question even during sleep, during an academic week, with full honour, welcome to the club. Since i didnt do anything for the holidays, i start to think, reality somehow stricken me and i have to face it. People might hate me, people might love, people might forget, people might do anything, so what haha besides thinking, i start to hallucinate, therefore, i vow that i must buy video games to keep these neurons running. big titles to buy, uncharted 3, assassins creed revelations, modern warfare 3 and many more...........

Pen off. (theres no pen dumbass) haha

*Stay hungry, Stay Foolish

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