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By  Dominic Blaaque     23.20    Label: 
I think it has been ages i havent blog,
and shaved my moustache twice during that period of time... hmmmm haha
It's nearly 4 weeks in University Of Malaya, its tiring, but FUN haha
a bicycle would help me alot though haha SCHOLARSHIP, CEPATLAH MASUK! haha
Lots of walking around and i'm getting SKINNY! jgn jealous hahha
Met a lot of new friends here, Rizwan, Nadzmie, Syazwan, Mohamad and much much more
And my roommate, exclusively the one and only Hifzuddin @ Peter! haha
I've decorated my room a lot to make it feel as much as home, items that i need left is a TV and a Playstation hahaha kidding. I even have a plant on my balcony. Thanks to my big sis for giving me all her University stuff since she has finished her degree at UTM skudai and graduation in August.
Here's a pic of my room, its not big, but its tall, very tall and very cozy! oh, its on the 7th floor, which is the top floor.

Haha, peter sibuk enter frame
thats my bed, yes i know bersepah hahaha
Sleeping time, MAXIMUM, 5 hours per day

About having fun... hmmmm....

This is me and Rizwan at RedBox Karaoke, The gardens haha
Yes, i love singing hahaha

Rizwan Nyanyi Solo haha

Peter at Pavillion! haha

Pictures of Syira's Bye2 party at Cafeteria KK12 haha

Mereka2 Turut hadir memeriahkan majlis

Inilah akibat aku tido katil org lain haha

Ini pula time syira tgh memikirkan nak amik biotek ke tak haha

Work Out Weh haha

Rizwan Pun Join Sekali

Inilah Keadaan di Kelas Tutorial

(lakonan semata-mata, tetapi, bilik ini agak sejuk haha)

Rizwan nak ada sekali haha

Star And Tuna sibuk suruh aku keluar bilik haha, ini mereka

and finally, this is my new home

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4 komentar:

Sheikh mengatakan...

nak g pavilion!!

Anonim mengatakan...

hahaha muke aku taknak berkeroott lagi kan!

Anonim mengatakan...

i look cute in the 2nd last picture!!! hahaha menarik!! =P

Aleena Aisyah mengatakan...

oit2. hahaha.. enjoying life i spose! wwhoot. hahahahhahahaha..