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University Malaya haha HAPPY LAND!!!

By  Dominic Blaaque     10.32     
Setelah seminggu tidak berblog, akhirnya ringan juga tangan untukku menulis blog haha
after two weeks here, just one word, AWESOME haha even though study is quite tough, thankfully, i'm able to sleep less hours and still go on with life, made new friends here, got closer with some old ones hahah

The food here, i have to say, cheap and okaylah, one shop slightly expensive, but the food taste nicer, worth it or not? haha
lets do some mathematics

if i go and buy food at SUBWAY, The Gardens, i'll be spending rm12 at least,for a premiun deluxe sandwhich and i will only eat once, because it will be enough for the whole day haha sayur banyak!

if i eat inside (cafeteria Kolej Kediaman 12 yg tercinta!) i'll be spending at least rm12 per day jugak but 3 times per day and varies of satisfaction levels hmmm....

but subway kena naik teksi untuk gi mid, therefore, eating inside is cheaper! haha

Semalam star jumpa sedara lama dia hahahahahaaa okayh never mind hahaa

Two weeks of UM, i dont know why its so quiet today, my assumption is that ramai balik! rindu rumah kot. I somehow slightly miss home, but not as much as i missed home during form 4 haha maybe its because i am in serenity land here haha, with full facilities available, i think this place is just like home :D haha except for washing machines, gosh i miss them! but handwashing is also fun haha

4 Jejaka samura batch 25 pada asalnya di bumi University of Malaya, kini tinggal 2, Choi yg plg faymes, telah ke UCSI utk A-Level, Bibo yg kacak, telah ke University Teknologi Petronas, di bawah tajaan JPA. Semoga mereka2 ini berbahagia haha

Oleh itu, yang tinggal hanya Peter dan Muhammad Idzham.

RAFFLE, bila nak belanja aku makan? hahha

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Anonim mengatakan...

dude, who's my 'sedare lame'? hahah

Anis mengatakan...

asal nama aku??
kau la,
balik2 subway..
nk kuar bila??
aku confius..
bulan tujuh la..
ikyn da x de class..