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A post, if it's not one, then what is it? haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     15.47     
Life is getting tougher,
my room is getting cleaner,
Hair on the head is getting straighter haha

haih, less time more study, no time to blog! haha
oh, last sunday, i lost a parking ticket and tried to get a new one the illegal way, but the machine wouldnt give any, and so my friends and i went to the info counter to get a new one, the guards were looking suspicious at me, as my t-shirt got caught on the camera, but my face didnt becoz i wore a H1N1 mask haha
then i buried a dead newborn kitty
the day before i had bbq at rizwan's house

currently, computer LAB, U of Malaya
oh, yester day i got to see a maybach in real life, A MAYBACH 7.2!!!! owned by sultan perak oh oh and also a bentley continental owned by his son, gila laaa haha
i also got eye to eye with abdullah badawi, literally haha
till then bye2

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