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By  Dominic Blaaque     15.06    Label: 
i am currently in Johor bahru
Yesterday's trip
Around 8am, i walked to UM's gate, i rode a taxi there to KL sentral, hmm the makcik taxi seems familliar hmmmm *thinking, thinking, thinking hmmmmm omg, it was the cheap ass taxi driver! I've ride this taxi before! Damnit.

I was charged rm8.30, Fuck u la makcik, taxi dah sampai kl sentral kau biar meter on, babi sial laknat! Aku naik ngan pakcik cina baru rm6 (selepas harga baru), bodo punya makcik, tau menipu je keje, aku tau kau ikut jalan jauh, fuck u, fuck u!!! Hahahah fuck u!!!! Hahahahahaha okey2 enough with expressions, it has been a long time sinced i've expressed myself like this hahaha.

After arriving in KL sentral, i went to the erl express counter to buy a ticket to KLIA, rm35? Haha oh well, but free flight check in service at KL Sentral! Haha and so i went to the KL-City Air Terminal and check in my flight and my luggage. then, i continued my journey to KLIA, it was a short trip though, only 28minutes, usually by bus it would have taken around an hour. either than that, its a very comfortable journey indeed hehehe

as soon i arrived KLIA, the first thing in my head was, burger king!!!!! Hahhaa i was really2 hungry , the few slices of domino's pizza the night before had already been digested completely! As i looked at the menu, grilled chicken drooled the most haha and that was the choice. And so it was 1045am already, the flight took off and i got window seat, yay! Haha i got to see the straights of malacca by air from sepang to johor, i saw port dickson and i think i saw my old school, it was one heck of a view! I never had a window seat b4 haha

around 1130am, i arrived in JB and rain poured down to the land of johor bahru.

A few hours later, my family and i went to a photoshoot for our family portrait, we havent had on since september 2000 haha my sis looked gracefully with her UTM degree robe and wy dad looked handsomely with his Loughborough University PhD robe, i only wore a tux haha it was a public tux at the photo studio haha

About the photo studio, the photographer didnt use digit stuff, even pictures were edited by hand! BY HAND!!! As like paintings and stuff, his productions were lifelike! I cant wait to see it next month! He didnt use those fancy cameras like a D90 or D60, he used a Mamiya, i have no idea whats a mamiya hahaha. He also ahd 40 years of experience in photography. My big sis's friend, Ejad was there. He's a photography junkie and he was like stunned as soon as he entered the studio haha mmg muka blur gila2 for a few minutes until my dad called him.

And so the photo-session went on, it was suffering haha, the photographer was a real-life perfectionist. He didnt took pictures like 1,2,3 and say cheese, but he was like, just quiet, looking into his camera waiting for the right moment to take the pic. A true professional i would say!

After the photoshoot, the whole family went to dinner at my fav seafood center, tepian tebrau. My big sis's friend , ejad and ili joined us.

currently, i'm writing this blog at my sis's convo hahaha thank u celcom! Hahaa *will update later after the convo kot hahahah okay, off to facebook now, it's still the speech part, the graduates havent got their degrees yet, hours to go!


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