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By  Dominic Blaaque     23.40     
hahaha got a phone call from sony center this morning rite after class, they informed me that my vaio has been done! yeay!!!! finally! after more than a week without a laptop!!
it has a new screen! the fan doesnt make any weird sounds anymore! thank u sony! hehe :)
No software problems so far, thats y i trust this brand. Hardware probs? normal la, it can be replaced easily i tell ya, the warranty people are friendly!

okey, now one of the scariest thing in my life in UM happened, masa lepas dinner at the cafe,
my friends and i like saw a cup full of used PLASTIC, thats rite, PLASTIC forks and spoons.
We believe that they are going to be recycled, not to the recycling center, but washed and used again and again and again and washed again? haha because the spoons are sumtimes quite oily.
and then kan, td kan, my friends and i were like, amik gambar, we can give it to proff sahar for evidence, so we took a picture la, but the macik yg kemas2 cam perasan and got pissed off and she kinda like terabur kan the sudus ada garfus infront of us on our table and said sumtin, but i couldnt quite catch what she said but she seems pissed lah.
and hell yeah we were shocked, who thought that UM could be so dangerous haha gosh i sound pathetic hahaha
oh oh oh, btw, here are some pics :P

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