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Finally, a post during the holiday! hehe

By  Dominic Blaaque     21.51     

Honestly, i cant believe how some people can write like up to 3 blogs or more per day?
and i dont know y its soo heavy for me to read all of them haha
nice to see some bloggers who havent wrote for a while wrote a new post hehe
oh, i also cant believe that i've downloaded 12 albums of the beatles!!!! dated from 1963 till 1966
and MAN U IS LOSING BADLY hahahaha damn u ALEX haha kalah je, complain hahha

How had life been during the holiday......... hmmm i would say interesting
i spend life inside my room sumtimes around 12 hours per day! thanks to mom's old telly (which she now bought a new one) i had stolen the old one haha(not literally) i managed to do some HD gaming and finish off need for speed shift which i have yet to complete. it sure had fed my dreams of owning those cars for real haha

Thanks to Peram (izhar), Robin (Nur Hafiz), Atong (Ismail Azzry), Totoi (Syahir) and Sackdon (Afick). Yes, they are old schoolmates, we had fun, went to Holiday Plaza and saw authorities raiding illegal DVD shops haha as in literally! then we went to citiy square and had fun i guess.haha :D


and thanks to my sis for the treat at Friday's :D
gosh i'm getting fat haha

And muet last saturday was interesting, SEJUK!!!! hahaha and the listening part was an experience worth remembering, part 3, part 3, part3 haha! thank u very much for the 30 minit delay.

After the exam, thanks to Nadzmie for sending Zharif and me to KL sentral. Later on, i was on my way to Putrajaya to meet up with Bazy! hehe We watched phobia 2, it was quite a fun scary movie haha then later we met up with Aleena

I left putrajaya around 9plus i think, my mom texted me to be careful and beware of football fans haha N9!!!! haahhaa i arrive the hotel where my parents are staying around 11pm. The next day, i went to um and cleaned my room there haha later at 130pm, went to KLCC to meet up with my family and went back to Johor Bahru.......

Thats all for now hehe

have a nice day!

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