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Class ended early today

By  Dominic Blaaque     11.55     

Class ended around 10 oclock and Computer science has been canceled. i went straight to BT13 to search for my Quicksilver Folder which i have seemed to left yesterday. Thankfully, it was there!with everything that came with it.
Its quite weird how people change so fast and how i changed myself, i have like less than two months here and i'm not sure if its a big problem or whether should i fix it or not, but there are priorities, and the biggest priority of them all is my final exam. I had good friends but now i have less, some are doing an ass-face even though i said hi.

After a delightful conversation with an old senior yesterday, who is also an Ex-Pasum, i've been thinking of where i should head with my quite awful results, after thinking and thinking, i'm just gonna pass chemsitry but focusing more on Computer Science, Physics and Maths. It seems that there is to much to understand and before this i've been focusing too much on Chem and slightly led physics away even though its much easier subject to understand.

I've been thinking about which University i should head too, it seems that UTP is a good option, but i have to score more than 3 then get a loan from PTPTN. There are quite a number of my ex-schoolmates there. Hopefully, my dream to study there will come true.

Therefore the conclusion is, i am losing my mind haha. There's no turning back, but room for improvement has an open everyday.
and to whoever out there who might hate me or anything, i just wanna say i'm sorry, but also think of what u did that kinda made me an ass, which i seem to sometimes enjoy after getting a hint of evilness! muahahahaha
i'm just 10% evil, i'll forgive anyone :D

Positive thinking ejam, positive!!!

Suddenly, i think i wanna take a vow of silence for a while.... hmmm

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