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I have 6 weeks till exams

By  Dominic Blaaque     11.41     
Currently i'm inside the computer lab for Computer Science Tutorial,
and i have nothing to do right now.
I think it has been ages since I've written a blog,
and so i thought of taking some time out of this free time to write a blog.
Saturday is MALAM EMAS! or in english its called "GOLD NIGHT" kinda sounds gay doesnt it? reminds me of the SUM 41's all to blame video clip with sumtin called "solid gold" an 80's show or sumtin haha

Preparations are done! except some ironing must be done hmmmm
I've received some shocking information about the night, since i kinda registered quite late, unfortunately, i've been put into the ftreelance category, therfore, i have to sit where tables that havent had enough members yet.
for example, there is a table consisting strangers of 8, but a complete table requires 10, therefore, they have fitted in these freelancers to complete the table including me! hopefully, hmmm i dont know what to hope, i just wanna eat haha.

Thats all for now i guess, 15 minutes till lunch! and i'm hungry!

Thank You Bazilah for the Executive B vitamins!

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