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For the past two months

By  Dominic Blaaque     07.12     
I guess everybody today has advance towards a step in adulthood, some got married, some got into super serious relationships, some got out of one and started interest on something much more ermm important? and some things are disappointing, i find people who dont know how to board a bus in an orderly manner to be very lacking on personal wisdom (idiots)

What can i say about life for the past two months, for now i havent done anything stupid, i hope this track record continues on for the rest of my life. I wouldnt say everything is perfect but i can say that if you want it perfect then just go, nothing is holding you back :D

The outlook of life seems to be very positive, i now understand things that i have never thought before. I failed twice in my life, therefore this is my time for redemption. 

Frankly speaking, i dont really give much look towards the community around me, my daily life has been entirely focused on myself, i am scared if i fail for the third time. I am not being selfish or anything, i am open to help anybody who needs help, i am a member of the Red Crescent Society of course :D.

There's a saying, if want things to go ur way, then y dont u just go do it urself :D

I've been applying these experiments on my daily life and it seems to be working out fine. I guess a human mindset can be of all sorts of variety, some good and some bad. If something else looks at u in a bad way, why give a shit about what they are thinking haha

If you are the kind of person who sticks to a group and ur group seems to be holding u back in a lot of terms such as not keeping up with studies and sleep, my advice is, be brave, and get out, go do what you want in your heart. As long as u know how to respect people, you should know how to respect yourself. There will definitely be someone to help you out, just give a sincere smile and ask, there's nothing wrong in asking right?

Now here comes the interesting part, a few weeks ago, i had to attend this talk. The talk was about what you are going to face after you graduate. It was quite fun and very straight forward and realistic. As usual, in the end, the speaker will ask the audience are there any questions, as usual (malay) they will stay quite and assume they understand which sometimes they clearly dont. I raised my hand and ask a question. and guess what? (of course la the speaker answered my question) after the talk, the speaker went to me and

drum roll please


The moral of the story is, dont give a shit about what others might think, just ask, it pays, IN CASH haha

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