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Shocking or not so shocking, is that a question?

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.48     
I think this is the right time to tell my fellow bloggers and close friends, since you guys are the best in the world and we might not meet until raya (hopefully, if early, better :D),

"I am single"

i am sorry to say that any questions on "how, what, where, when, why, who" upon the bold italic statement above, i will not answer them. It will remain a mystery and known between God and me.

I am happy and i will not post further statements regarding to what has been written above. And for future plannings hmmm well, i dont have any yet :|

i believe that i am old enough to think that what i should do next, which is make lots of money and world domination (hopefully). But the priority now is that i am striving for 3.5 and above for every sem, so that if i get the Vice Chancellor Award, i am able to give a speech consisting of three words and only three words. I will reveal what those words are when i get the award (hopefully).

and please wish me that i get a car and can drive u all around haha! :D

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