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It's study week, y not a post? :D

By  Dominic Blaaque     14.28     
The laundry shop in section is closed for renovation
I have to go all the way to section 7 for washing my clothes now,
But there's one in section 3? haih haha

It's study week, which means, THE END IS NEAR, the end of the semseter la :P

Some use it to finish off Korean dramas, some think they are studying, some went back home, some were finishing off assignments,

My first paper would be on the 3rd of November, which still a week away even thought study week has ended,

The next paper is on the 8th of November, many many free time,
The big question is, how well will i use it?
Past history wasnt so good on study week, mostly spent on sleeping haha REST IS GOOD FOR THE MIND!

I'm around 2/3 of finding definitions that will be asked in the exams and will be given up to 8 free marks from 5 which is included in all 5 questions, that will be equal to 40 marks? damn thats a lot haha

A week and a half to go :D

Let's wrap it up with some photos of the sem

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