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I am jumping with joy!

By  Dominic Blaaque     07.05     
A big big surprise is heading for me a few weeks yeay! but for the next 36 hours, i really need to focus on basic mechanics, which is my last paper for the sem, i am having slight headaches, some things doesnt really make any sense, some say they didnt studied this, some say they studied that, some say they dont know anything at all, cant all lecturers just follow the same thing? haha pening oh.

I think i'm safely around 60% ready for statics and 30% ready for dynamics, which i hope i dont go blur2, and hopefully my carry marks will help me to get at least an A-, THANK YOU MR WAN SULAIMAN FOR THE CARRY MARKS! HAHA

Many things to do right after exams, i have to start packing, time to move out and move on, then go back home :D i miss you soo much hmmmm PS3! haha MUAH MUAH!

*I dont have a girlfriend

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