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This Is Malaysia

By  Dominic Blaaque     21.11     
Recently there was a facebook page upon against the cheer activity that is kinda a common thing in Malaysia during orientation week or other similar activities.

And so, i took the pride of what we call "Trolling" and some of these dudes really dont know the meaning of "Liking" a page. The same as for most controversial pages, the people who dont really "Like" the page, but then press the "Like" button, will start expressing out their negative ideas which dont really give much use to the world. Eventually, small fights will start to appear like mushrooms.

My friendly neighbourhood advice is "NEVER LIKE A PAGE IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DUMBASS"

The following are my trolling collections for your viewing pleasure, have a great laugh my fellow readers, live long and prosper, and orientation cheers sucks haha

*click on the pictures for better readability

Last but not least, dedicated to this dude, hes the best

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