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I wanna blog about puasa too! haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     06.22     
Let's do mahathir style

1.I've just finished sahur, as usual for the current generation of kids, we will spend our time online to wait for the Subuh Azan.

2.Its already the 4th day of puasa, its quite easy to track the number of days since that the 1st of Ramadhan started on the 1st of august :D

3.Raya preparations, i have wore the same baju melayu that i bought in singapore in 2008, i think i should really2 buy a new one, coz that one is getting a bit too old haha i am very uncertain of what colour i should wear, my sister told me to buy purple, but i dont think purple would be a good colour for me. For the past few years, i've only wore three types of colours, Black, Blue and Green, regardless of the colour tone....

4.Haircut, lately i've thinking about what haircut to get every day and night, i've been considering to go through the rebonding process again which i have done a few times back in 2009. If i go rebonding, i will go for my signature retro look that i had when i was a very2 young boy, observe these two photos

You see? Green! haha This picture was taken in 1996

And this picture was taken in 1993
Yes, i had the Beatles haircut back then. Comel kan? haha hopefully i get to do something with my hair before raya.

5.I have been working since the start of my holidays, i have been working..........out haha Still getting used with lower amounts of fluids in body, havent been to the gym for a long time and havent went to the driving range for a few days already, coach is gonna kill me haha. Hopefully i get big ass biceps due raya :D

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