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Inspirasi 2012

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During the middle of July, I went to join an Alumni program, held by my old school Sekolah Menengah Sains Muar. The program was called "Inspirasi" or inspiration in english (duh).It lasted for 3 days and 2 nights.

The program was actually a yearly occasion. I went through a similar program back when i was in form 4, 2007. The motive of the program this time were mostly focused on the form 4 dudes to create a family bond between them, help them strive and go through dumb dramas that occurs once a while at those ages. (we all had dramas at those ages).

I myself were assigned to a group, oh yeah, this time, they were allowed to choose their own groups and group members, but in the end, they ended up selecting their own classmates. Luckily, i was assigned to a group with a majority of Technical Science students or as they like to call themselves, Techno Students. These bunch of kids, are out of the average nerds, they were crazy, cool, yes, fun entertaining high spirited and crazy. 

Thank Goodness! haha I heard other groups were much much boring. My group did consisted of a few pure science students. But they were as awesome as the Techno students. I dont know how to explain further on about the program. What i can conclude is, the program really taught me the true meaning of happiness, which i dont know how to explain either haha well, here are some photos and oh,also the video recap of the program. The kids had a free session in the afternoon, all they wanted to do was to play in the mud (my idea of course) haha 

The other faci in my group was Hazirah Hamzah, from SPM2006

One big happy family

The kids are trying to spell "LOVE" if i'm not mistaken, not sure whether it worked out or not haha

Here's the video!

Samura Inspirasi 2012 Batch 30 HD by f695274767

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mish'em oredi~

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i miss them too!!!