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Laman Sesawang Penuh Sawang

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.40    Label:,, 
I used to be very keen at blogging, maybe the back then I had nothing to do than to speak my mind out.... well i dont think thats the case, i blame twitter haha Simple, Short and Sexy twitter.

Now its ramadhan season! my last post was 5 months ago, 5 MONTHS! how busy was i? very busy, i took 19 credits last semester, inclusive of 13 mechanical engineering credits! 4 3 credit hour course and 1 1 credit hour laboratory.

My results were rumoured to be out probably by thursday next week. I hope everything goes well, gotta maintain my streak in order to fly far away after i graduate.

Anyway, Raya season is coming soon, I HAVE VERY GOOD NEWS!


My best buddy offered me a job to help him out selling KUIH RAYA BISKUT RAYA AND KEK LAPIS!

Any of you interested in buying any for the festive season, feel free to contact me! yes, i sell under market price, so its slightly cheaper. I will update photos soon! till then, good bye!

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