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A few days till raya

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.19     
Ahah, I have new followers, welcome, I hope you enjoy my random ramblings.

Around less than 4 weeks till the new semester, honestly I dont know whats coming ahead, I just dont feel ready, dont feel anything, its not academics that is buggin my mind, its just me. I am losing my edge. Badly. I dont speak as clearly as i used to, I dont think as clearly as i used to, i just dont know whats going on with me. Should i blame too much video games? 

Video Games. I am currently addicted to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I started playing online around 6 months ago, i got hitched instantly. Before that, the online game i played was Assassins Creed Brotherhood, that was fun too! Okayh, the reason i play video games is too stimulate my brain. Research shows that video games helps in hand-eye coordination, Critical thinking and stimulating the left and right brain. A few years ago, back in PASUM, there was a lecturer named Mr Faris, he told us that he was also stimulating both sides of his brain by writing with his left hand (he was right-handed of course). But the interesting thing is, he experienced side effects with it, he experienced stuttering, or in Malay, GAGAP. Interesting eh? i kinda think  Call of Duty is also giving me side effects.

Anyway, speaking of the new semester, I feel very sorry towards the Diploma dudes who didnt received a placement to pursue towards the degree level. I hope all your appeal will turn up positive and may you all have a bright future ahead.

And here's a photo of me at a friend's house, cantik kan rumah dia? hehe This photo was taken during the February 2011

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i am losing my edge too :/ not ready for 3rd med. haish