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The Dictator

By  Dominic Blaaque     08.58     

Dictatorship- something that i am really interested in knowing for a few years already. Somehow i find it fascinating, how does a single man, would have a whole nation devote their lives towards a man? yes, i know i know, there are many fallen dictators recently, gadafi, hosni and saddam, not to forget Kim Jong Il, who passed away recently, though the nation of north korea is now lead by his son, also a dictator. 

Okayh, lets move on, i was watching the movie, "The Dictator", the main character General Aladeen, was acted by Sacha Baron Cohen, the same guy who acted Bruno and Borat. Before watching the movie, my thoughts was the movie was intended to mock and discriminate dictatorship, because many dictators fell in recent years. But after watching the movie, it was the other way round. It was mocking jews and americans. I could not find any part of the movie where it discriminate any non-americans, non-jews or muslims accept Osama Bin Laden, though the jokes  werent so harsh and acceptable. He said that, the americans shot Osama's double and the real Osama was living in his guest house ever since. 

There was a part of the movie dialogue that really caught my mind,

This constitution is nothing but a license for oil companies and foreign interest to destroy my beloved Wadiya , Wadiya will remain a Dictatorship.

*crowd goes booo*

"Oh,be quiet. Why are you guys so anti-Dictatorship? Imagine if america was a dictatorship, you could let 1% of the people, have all the nations wealth,  you could help your rich friends get richer by cutting their taxes, bailing them out when they gamble and lose, you could ignore the needs of the poor for healthcare and education, your media would be free but secretly controlled by one person in his family, you could wire their phones, you could torture foreign prisoners, you could rig elections, you could lie about going to war, you could fill your prisons with one particular racial group and no one would complain, you could use the media to scare the people into supporting policies which are against their interest"

Every single damn thing he said, had already been done and being practised right now in america through DEMOCRACY, democracy lah sangat, democracy my ass haha I believe that it is not just practised in america, but also other parts of the world which are subliminally controlled by americans.

Think about it, we all know and aware that democracy's biggest weakness is that somehow wrong things could be deemed right due to the majority seeing it that way. But what if, dictatorship got right? what if, dictatorship were used to bring goodness to a nation and eliminating the bad, such as crime?


Oh btw, selamat hari raya!

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