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My first ever jazz thingy..

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Haha, I am aware that most of you are asking questions on, what is a Jazz Thingy? We will get on to that later. And today, is Saturday, 28th of September 2012.

A few days ago on Wednesday night, I hung out with Samurians from Batch 21, Ali, Nada,Hisyam,Zoewen and some friends of theirs Syira,Ezzan and Ezzan's brother which i have forgot his name.We went The Bee, Publika Sri Hartamas. The Bee is actually a name of a Restaurant Bar thingy with live music. It  was my first time experience going to such place. I've never been to a concert besides a Nasyid concert actually. My last concert was In-Team and Firdaus at SAMURA around 4 years ago i think? haha So the live band was sort of a Jazz concert thingy? sort of la. It was Nada's idea btw, which came from facebook comment conversation. Awesome right?  Anyway, the place was awesome! The performance was from Poova, a famous malaysian Jazz singer which I've just known haha I really liked the ambience, how they laid the ceilings and did the wall and stuff, kinda felt like a cozy place to sleep in... haha Anyway, how they come up with the menu design was awesome, have a look!

When I met Nada, she was the first Vegetarian Muslim that i've met, yes "MUSLIM VEGETARIAN" haha, Quite a rare species eh? I got influenced by her Vegetarian ideology, so i ordered the Caesar Salad with Parmesian Cheese. It was quite expensive though for a bowl of salad, RM19 i think, but it was worth it. The saltiness of the cheese kinda mixed quite well. For drinks, i ordered marakesh mint tea ke apa entah haha tasted good too.  
I am starting a trend on instagram, the trend of "BUDAYA PINGGAN KOSONG INSTAGRAM" haha, there's an example

Later on, for desert, i ordered "Nutella Churros". Sounds fancy eh? but the real deal is, its the local crispier version of "Cakoi", with some sugar and cinnamon sprinkled all over it and melted nutella as the sauce. Though, this alternative of cakoi made cakoi somekind of jamie oliver desert thingy. I think i am going to buy some cakoi later today and dip em in nutella instead of kaya haha! I didnt get a picture of it though. Nada and Syira ordered some very very weird ice cream, Salted Gula Melaka and Pandan Kaya. Salted Gula Melaka tasted like toffee and Kaya Pandan, well it tasted like Kaya Pandan itself haha you should give it a try one day.

 A really awesome custom made phone sticker! 

From left: Zoewen, Me, Ezzan's bro, Ezzan, Syira and Nada


Overall, it was an awesome night and thank you so much guys for inviting me to hang out.

and now, last night i went out with Tuna to watch a movie. The movie we watched was "Loopers". What i have to say about this movie hmmmm Time travel movies hurts my mind haha Though Joseph Gordon Levitt becoming a young Bruce Willis hmmmm i really dont know haha it kinda didnt synced for a while though. The movie was interesting i give it a 3.7 out of 5? i think la. I highly recommend you read the synopsis before you go watch the movie, otherwise, you will either end up in a debate with your friends or a major headache haha now go watch it!

I am a temporary Vegetarian for lunch today haha 

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