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September 2012 Samura Visit

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Yesterday was my 4th visit to Samura this year and its the third English Improvement Training Program held by the Alumni which i've joined.

The program is the last Alumni program of the year. This last program was a casual program, unlike the program before which we held a few months ago giving the form 5 students on inteverviews.This time we had casual talk sessions and a BBQ, wholly sponsored by the Alumni, oh yeah, there were ice cream too.The program is 100% voluntary based, optional for the kids to join, they had no idea there were barbeque and ice cream, untung kan?. The Alumni members that came (as usual) Hisyam, Me, Izyan, Rob Thomas!, Kayla and two new faces, Nada and Zoey. Only Izyan and Me were from the batch 25, the rest were from batch 21.

I started my journey from Shah Alam around noon, went to Subang Permai to pick up Izyan from her house, then continued to Muar. We arrived Muar around 3 ,went to our school freshen up at the school. I managed to meet my "anak buah" ceh haha, "adik buah" la at 4 Tegas, as they were studying for their finals. (rajin betul budak2 sekarang ni)

Ahh yes, the famous Ledang Landmark

Form 5 kids skipping a program at the hall and here they are....

My adik buah

After that, we headed to Wetex Parade, yes the famous "MID VALLEY OF MUAR" haha. MY GOSH! The place had went through a transformation, THERE WAS A BASKIN ROBBINS AND A SUSHI KING!!!! SERIOUS SHIT WEH! haha Yan and me couldnt control ourselves from the excitement and decided to pleasure ourselves for a treat at the Sushi King outlet.

Baskin Robbins

Sushi King!

Datin Yan

After our short visit to wetex, we dropped by the Murtabak Singapore Restaurant near school to meet up with the other alumni members.
Batch 21 Alumni Members
Kayla, Nada, Zoey, Hisyam

At school, we hung out by the batch monuments, the dudes from Batch 21 werent so happy that their's got demolished haha Oh well, mine is still there :D There were few more monuments since i left school a few years ago, it is kinda looking like some kind of disaster memorial center or somesort, with names engraved on the stone! okayh, the names were on acrylic, cheap and fast to produce.

While we were waiting for the program to start, entertainment! haha Oh, now the jocks are no longer the rugby dudes,move away, its ZAPIN NOW BITCHES!

And the school are getting better and better with zapin, continuing the traditional malay culture i guess? i hope they would do a hybrid dance, mixing zapin with shuffle or break dance, it would be epic! 

Then program started, we had a casual chat session, IN ENGLISH with the students, it was their time to let the world know what is going on in their minds.... something like that haha there werent much photos because we were busy eating Barbecue and Ice Cream haha Anyway, the form 5 students had a good time and they had a chance to speak out, since they have like around 2 months of school left. Many untold stories were told.... high school drama, as usual.

This is Omar, the younger brother to my classmate Maryam Kirana when i was in form 4 and form 5

Kayla, Yan and Rob

Panorama Shot with the IOS 6

This is... i forgot her name haha, but she is the younger sister of a senior of mine back when i was form 4, the famous BOTAK. i was fuckin scared of him back then haha his sister was nice though :D

Faci's with Miss Ida

After the program, we went out for a late night supper at D'Teratak. Hung out with the Greater Alumnis, cheh haha since me and yan were the only young ones. Had quite of a conversation about hospitals. It was a great night, Yan and the girls slept at a nearby hotel. The guys headed back to Aspura and slept at the Sick Bay. The next morning, we had quite of an awakening, there was room service! well, sort of haha The form 4 were appointed to clean up their "Asrama" including the sick bay, the kids came in and was like, bang, boleh kami kemas? and i was like, hey hisyam, we fuckin have room service! haha 

I manage to get this snapshot of them cleaning the room. i just lay down the bed, likeabawse!

Then we hung out by the pond watched the kids cleaning the pond

RAWR! the turtle goes. Heard stories that this turtle was stolen from somewhere and brought to Aspura by batch 26

Clean it pansies, Clean!
Back when i was in Form 4, i actually slipped and fell into this pond once, i was chasing the Fish in the middle of the night, luckily no one saw my fall... 

Then we heard some noise of kids screaming, here is what we discovered,

The kid behind is wearing a V-NECK! (if u know what i mean haha) scroll down meme style

Rob and me told these kids to do it to Hisyam, but hmmm tak jd..

Kayla posing with his Hot Pants haha

We head out for breakfast around 1030, as usual, satay muar is a must. Hisyam got disturbed by a woman hobo haha! sumpah scary and lawak at the same time hahaha  kesian hisyam, mangsa keadaan.... Breakfast was a treat by Rob, thank you Rob.

Overall, i had a lot of fun, it was fun meeting these guys and seeing these kids so keen to volunteer for the program. I hope i get join the next program due early next year :D

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Nada mengatakan...

Aww, the photos of the dudes brawling and getting splashed with water are adorable! I miss boarding school life :(

And it's Zoewen. Zoey is her dorm senior.

I had a lot of fun at the program too. Would love to participate in the next program if given the chance, insya Allah :)

Dominic Blaaque mengatakan...

Did u know that rob and me told the kids to throw some water at hisyam that morning? But since we were scare that he could press gay charges on us, so we canceled the idea. The kids were wearing a V-neck though..... Haha

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