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Quick Holiday Getaway

By  Dominic Blaaque     03.03     
The semester has started a few weeks ago, so its still early in the semester, for us final year students would understand, the first 2-3 weeks would be considered as "go have fun with your friends before assignments start coming in".

So recently we were faced with haze,dry taps, drought, hot weather, a lost plane and many other stuffs. I decided to have a holiday to somewhere i've never been before, so i decided to go to KUANTAN. I've never been to Kuantan, i've always wanted to go there since the first semester studying in UiTM Shah Alam, i am already in my final semester, so why not give it a go, so i did.

I went to kuantan last week, i stayed at a hotel in teluk cempedak called, TC Beach Hotel. I went there for two days. I have many friends there studying in various learning institutions there such as IIUM and UMP.

So I started my journey on Saturday, the 16th of March 2014. As I woke up in Shah Alam, god the haze was already inside the house, i couldnt even breathe, the house was out of water too. So i had to go to somewhere else to get a shower lol. Around 930, I arrived UM to pick up Miss Atiqah Syahira also known as the infamous Tuna. Somehow the weather was beautiful in KL, she mentioned that it rained in the wee hours of the morning. After picking her up, we were off to Kuantan. I had no idea of how to get there, luckily my best friend "Garmin" was there to help lol. We stopped at Genting Sempah around 1030 ish. Since i didnt aint a thing since the night before, we had brunch at the McDonalds there. The weather was beautiful, it was sunny and the wind was breezy. Tuna managed a selfie before we continued our destination around 1130-ish.

Sorry Tuna, i stole this pic from ur instagram haha 
(i have no idea why my face is so creepy in this pic hahahah)

So it was my first time ever driving through the infamous highway to Kuantan. Along the route, there were so many durian stalls. I wanted to stop by and have a bite, but Tuna aint a durian fan sobs sobs. We arrived Kuantan around 1 ish. We headed directly to the living quarters of the IIUM students and met up with Haidar and Syaima. Around 2 ish, we had lunch nearby a nasi kukus shop thingy. Haidar didnt join for the rest of the trip, so it was just the three of us, Syaima, Tuna and me. Our first stop was IIUM Kuantan of course. We checked out the campus and I was interested in checking out the pool, though it was closed :(
Yes, Dentistry

After checking out IIUM Kuantan, we headed to CHERATING! But first we went to Teluk Chempedak to check into the hotel i'm stayin at.Oh the girls stayed at IIUM.

Click to view full panoramic view!

 We passed through the infamous Gebeng to get to Cherating. The roads in gebeng were ermmm interesting. It is a paved road, but full of red earth, yes, red, literally. We had mild showers along the road and big ass lorries with tyres covered in red dirt, so it kinda gave my car a bad ass makeover haha. We stopped by a "Keropok Shop" to get some authentic keropok and then continued to cherating for a picnic.

Lil' Stiggo here went Rallying (yes, the name of my car is Stiggo the Polar Bear, comel tak? haha)

Cherating Beach

Selfies are a must ( i dont need a monopod, my hands are long haha)

The girls posing with their Roti Kapit Ice Cream

After Cherating, we continued our journey back to a place called Tanjung Lumpur in Kuantan to get some dinner, because we were super hungry. Syaima showed us way to a seafood shop. I seriously forgot the name of the shop, i only remembered it had the word "petai" at the end. The food however was delicious and very cheap. We only paid RM60 for a variety of dishes.

Ikan Bakor!

After dinner, i sent the girls back to IIUM and meet them up later at Teluk Cempedak. So i went back to the hotel to refresh myself and suddenly there was a knock on the door. Guess who it was? it was STOMPEL!!! haha I was so glad he came. Later on in the night, haidar and the girls came and we hung out by the beach. Leah manage to come too. MORE SELFIES!!!

After hanging out, the girls went back to IIUM. While stompel and haidar, we stayed at the hotel. 

Gay Selfie lol

Feed him chicken wing to wake him up

After leaving Teluk Cempedak, we headed to East Coast Mall to meet up with the girls
Gossip Girls


After hanging out, we headed to i have no idea where they bought lunch to tapau haha then we went to a beach which i have no idea what the name was, but it was beautiful and we had our picnic lunch there.

Last selfie of the day

Right after our picnic, we said our goodbyes and head to UMP Pekan to send leah. The journey to UMP Pekan was interesting. UMP Pekan itself was also interesting. For the first time in my life, i saw stray cows and sheeps in a university compound, yes, stray... UMP Pekan however, was beautiful, it was right next to a beach. Didnt manage to get any photos there though sobs sobs. So we said goodbye to lea and headed back to KL. Next time i visit kuantan again, i should bring a camera with me. 

The trip to Kuantan was very happy indeed even though it was a short one. And to Syaima, thank you so much for being such an awesome guide, without you we would indeed have no idea of where to go and the trip would be meaningless haha. I am very sorry that i had no idea where to take you to around JB, besides Legoland and JPO during your last visit to JB haha.

Dirty lil' Stiggo on the way back at Genting Sempah

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Asyraf Shuisma mengatakan...

that gebeng road was hell when it starts raining.. my whole engine bay was literally covered with reddish mud that got through the radiator.

ohh and I believe the name of the places you forgot was Ana Ikan Bakar Petai and Pantai Sepat.. looks familiar