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By  Dominic Blaaque     01.56     
I've got a week left of my personal holiday,
i've pretty much got nothing to do after my ps3 died off
wanted to buy a ps4 at any sony centers, but they were all sold out
i am seriously bored to death
i might have learn to play the guitar
but i dont feel the need and necessity to play the guitar
all i do is read a magazine in order to stay sane
and watch the educational channels on tv
Duck Dynasty is my favorite currently
is it educational? haha probably
i might go off to singapore for no reason this week
because as i said before,
i am seriously bored to death,
i am caught in a dilemma
whether i should spend my ps4 savings to do something fun
or just save it till the time comes
the dilemma leaves me in a state of paradox
i am like in this infinite loop of things to do
but not so infinite that time still runs through
i saw a ps4 nearby,
but the price is too high,
200 ringgit higher than sony that is
why would you rip off that high
desperate world
i still havent watched the lego movie
invited some friends to go watch,
but some are uninterested
some are too busy with their life
and some got more important stuffs to do
i am literally reading a magazine
from front cover to back cover
page by page
but i skip the ads though
the environment in this house arent so engaging either
i think i've grown up to be the kind of person
who just make their own living for themselves
get out of family funding
and start paying for my own bills
graduation aint far
i gotta work hard to get a good job
i got to get a good job
i am tired of decisions dictated by a higher power
i gotta find my inner peace
the peace of mind where i need no reliance on others
i am gonna go swimming in the morning
and heck,
might just watch the lego movie alone
oh well

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