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A trip down memory lane...

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.45     
A trip down memory lane... sort of haha, I'm always at my old school a few times a year. For more than two years, I've been going to school for an English Improvement Program for the current form 5 kids. I'll be honest, initially when I started joining the program back in 2012, I wanted to have something extra for my university life, as in something I can show to my future employers that I'm not the only study day and night sort of dude. Though after joining so many times, it is more than just something to fill in the resume, it is something I really enjoy doing, over and over again. Over the years, I've met many people and made many friends. I also made very close friends which I really enjoy hanging out with, I really love it when they share their experience and advises. 

There is always a theme for each session, I, myself have also organized a theme, which was the music theme. Even though there was doubts in the beginning, but the more experience people gave their advise and guidance, it worked out well. So the theme for this session was on interviews. Quite interesting for me too actually, I am also in the phase of waiting for my own interview haha

Anyway, I drove all the way from Johor Bahru to Muar. I reached Muar around 4 oclock. I walked around the school and hung out at my old classroom.

They have a hollywood sign now, looks quite classy haha

My old classroom when I was in Form 5

They painted it dark red -_-

Panorama Shot

I saw this on one of the classes. Kids nowadays -_-

The others guys arrived an hour later, we had our briefing while having early dinner at the mee bandung warung nearby. After having dinner we went to baskin robbins to have some ice cream! Hisyam belanja haha

The program started at 8PM. Firstly, they had a briefing on CV/Resume and then the do's and dont's of interviews.

Mr.Hisyam, the founder.

A newcomer, Afiq

There were also two other guys that joined us, Afif and Solihin, I dont have any photos of them :( sorry guys,

The shirt says it all

After discussion on the two topics, the students were divided into a group of 3 and had mock group interviews. The group that I got were the kids who had programs with me before and I recognize many of them. After having the group interview session, honestly, these kids are very talented, smart and full of potential. Though they still have that social anxiety of doing something out of the norm, afraid of being different, afraid of making mistakes, but its okay, life will teach you valuable lessons sooner or later. I have faith in you kids. 

Still lost hahaha

Mass selfie is a must

After the program ended, the norm is we facilitators went out for late dinner. Later on that night, we just hung out at the dormitory with the kids. I fed some turtles.

The next morning we went out for breakfast at the usual spot. Since sunday is the new monday for johor, it was an opportunity for us to meet up and catch up stories with the teachers. Luckily the teachers still recognize me though their first words were, why are you fat? haha yes, i've gained roughly 20 kilos since school. The obvious spot for me would me Jabatan Teknikal.

Got to meet up with cikgu salim, cikgu suzana and cikgu noorfadzli there. They are very happy to hear my classmates are doing fine. Teknikal students are a rare species in the school, there are only two classes, so we are easily remembered and we are also notorious for our mischief behaviour haha

The legendary Cikgu Salim

Overall, I am indeed happy with my trip to muar over the weekend. If you are looking forward in joining the next english program, let me know. Do it for the loveeee haha

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