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Convo Season

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And...... IT IS CONVO SEASON! and it's my turn :)

I wasnt really hyped up about the ceremony, but I was excited for wearing the robe and do many photoshoots with it haha I was inspired by a friend from UTP I met from my recent interview at Petra. He's one of the guy that did the harry potter flying broom shot using kayak paddles, the photo made it to 9gag by the way, I think most of you have seen the photo by now.

So the theme for my photo shoot were the things I love doing during the duration of my degree. I laid out 4 themes which were as a Lifeguard, Swimmer, going to the fight club and lastly hanging out at the mamak. But I didnt manage to do the mamak theme sobs :(. But the shots for the other themes were awesome though. I was grateful for everyone involved, they had so many creative ideas for the photos, they themselves enjoyed wearing the robe haha 

For this blog post, I will show you guys some of the main highlights and behind the scenes footage of the photos. I hope to inspire you guys and hope to spark some ideas for u guys when your time comes. Be creative, be crazy! (dont damage the robe though haha)

The camera I used was the Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3.

It looks like this

The first and second theme: Lifeguard and Swimming

This was done on the morning of 28th of November 2014. It was done at the UiTM Shah Alam Swimming Pool. On the morning itself, we lifeguards had to do a demonstration for future lifeguards to be. So we had a quick brief before fooling around for the photoshoot.

Adila's contagious smile
This is Muhaimin
Hani and Adila
Naim Adila and Hani (me photobombing in the back)
I'm feeling like salleh yakob haha
Our newly appointed Chief, Chief Naim, giving the brief

The team

Ted showing some moves

 Testing out the camera's features

A very photogenic shot of Hani
*Drumroll* My tamil hero shots!

Mind the belly, thats 4 months of unemployment

I could make a great meme from these two haha

Feeling like a boss
 and we got creative..... haha

El Desporado!

The secret behind the wind effect

watcha lookin at? my zits?

Family Portrait

Hi, I'm ted and i'm high

Use the force

Third Theme: Fight Club

For the next theme, FIGHT CLUB! The name of the fight club is Ultimate Malaysian Fighter. The club is situated at Seksyen 6, Shah Alam Selangor, right next to the 7 11 at the Pasar. I hang out at this place a lot, I learned quite a lot here about fitness, fighting techniques and many more, But the greatest thing about this place, I made many friends. If you are interested in becoming a competitive fighter urself, u can also join this club, this club has many winning fighters, the Lightweight Champion of MIMMA 2 trains here too.

"Tempat jatuh dikenang, inikan pula tempat terbaling tertumbuk tertendang dan ter macam-macam lagi" 
Quote inspired by Kak Ida
This is Halina, she can kick ass real good... dont mess with her haha

A shot before entering the ring

Stare Down
Domestic abuse haha

Kame..... Kame.... Haaaaaaalina! (her expression is priceless hahaha)

With the Sifu, Sifu Aziz

Anyway, that is all for my convo photoshoot, If you feel like uploading any of these to 9gag, go ahead, but let me know when you do haha

Thanks to everyone involved for the photo shoot, thanks for the awesome memories and awesome time, you've made my life, a life well lived over the years, you da real MVP!  :D

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