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The 24 Hour Trip

By  Dominic Blaaque     19.42     
Gosh, my last blog post was on the 10th of December 2014! Almost 10 months has passed! Well, I've been a bit busy with my career and stuff, I really didnt had much to write though.... except about work la (I wouldnt want people to get annoyed if I write about work all the time! haha lol)

Anyway, I just got back from a 24 hour trip, yes literally 24 hours! My old lifeguard gangs and me decided to have a short trip to Cameron Highlands. It has literally been quite of a bad few past weeks for the weather, the HAZE JUST NEVER STOPS COMING AND GO! A short trip away from the haze was definitely worth it.

So the planning of the trip has been going on for a week or two and it never got thoroughly planned haha We initially wanted to go there for a hike but we hmmm sort of hiked lol. The final decision to go or not to go was made around Friday afternoon. So the trip was by one car (my lucky myvi) and 5 dudes, Me, Rashidi, Muhaimin and Adila (Lifeguards) and Adila's friend Jie.

From Left: Me, Rashidi, Muhaimin, Adila and Jie.
The trip started off from Gombak around 0045hrs. We decided to go to an RnR in Tapah, Perak and rest there before we started our climb to Cameron Highlands. The RnR was under renovation and there werent many shops opened. We just hung out, ate some snacks and drank some coffee.

The trip started off from Gombak around 0045hrs. We decided to go to an RnR in Tapah, Perak and rest there before we started our climb to Cameron Highlands. The RnR was under renovation and there werent many shops opened. We just hung out, chat, ate some snacks and drank some coffee. After a while, no one slept, no one rested and we were like, screw it, lets go up Cameron Highlands now! haha

So we ascended the route around 0430hrs. We ascended up through the scary Tapah route (yes at 0430hrs!) and I was the driver. We chatted almost non stop through up the route so that the driver was awake (lol). Even though the Tapah route was short and I drove up through there before during the day, at night, things just get a heck lot scarier, It was definitely one of the scariest drive of my life. Luckily there were some cars going up too, so I just tagged along at back and they become my guide.

We reached the Bharat Tea Cafe around 0545hrs (it was closed of course). We decided to stopped there for a while so that we could get a shot that were already reached the top hehe MULUT KELUAR ASAP! JAKUN! it was around 17-18 Degrees C.

Lighting came from the car headlights
After the short stop at Bharat Tea, we headed to the Masjid Abu Bakar Mosque at Tanah Rata. Interestingly, the Masjid has no airconds or fans (lol jakun) and the water was really really cold! At the break of dawn, we decided to climb up Gunung Brinchang, but stopped on the way to have breakfast. The ascend towards Gunung Brinchang was challenging but the view on the way was worth it. We stopped by a halfway point to brush our teeth and digest the view. I got a few time lapse in the youtube link below, one is the ascend the other is the cloud time lapse. 

Gunung Brinchang Ascend

Cloud Time Lapse

How I wish everyday brushing the teeth was like this
After the shot stop, we continued our ascend up until the lookout point at the cell tower areas. It makes you wonder, how the hell did they got the structures up there in the first place?

Can you see my lil myvi on the right?

The gang from up top

Feeling the wind Rajanikanth style
We then went down abit to the parking lot where the hiking trail is for the Mossy Forest. I did mention that we planned to go for a hike, so we did (sort of) haha. 

It was also Muhaimin's almost birthday! So we had a small celebration for him haha

Rocking out in batik (literally) 

It was slightly hazy at Cameron too
Brinchang Time lapse descend

After the 'sort of'' hike we head down to a cafe which sold everything that is related to strawberries. I had the waffle and strawberry juice.

This kid had a unique way of keeping warm

After having waffles, we had to our earlier checkpoint, the Bharat Tea Cafe to get some shots in the tea field.

Remember when we stopped by the Masjid earlier? Rashidi bumped into his friend, and it turns out his friend was getting married that day and invited us to come and have lunch at his wedding. 

After our lunch at the wedding, we headed to the market to go window shopping and to buy veggies and strawberries. We didnt took any photos coz we were too busy shopping! the traffic was crazy though, it took us almost an hour to reach the market. I bumped into Ghost Peppers, turns out the worlds most spicy pepper was grown at Cameron Highlands too. I really regret not buying them, coz they were only RM 4 a packet. But I still wonder what am I going to cook with them... haha After the market we headed back to KL. But we stopped by this lavender garden place, it was really nice place, with a cafe, retail store, flower garden, rabbits and a farm where they grow the veggies, strawberries and passion fruit.

Our Last Shot
We arrived KL around 11 oclock at night and arrived Shah alam around 12. It was truly a 24 hour trip. I got into bed as soon as I reached home. Above all, it was cheap, only around RM30 per person for fuel and toll. Really hope for more cheap short trips in the future.

p/s: the air pollution index is currently at 200

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