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The next step and personal finance

By  Dominic Blaaque     03.17     
I am indeed sleepy af. Though I am uncertain why my creative vibes keeps giving me ideas at the wee hours of the night. I guess it must be the weather and the calmness of the night. Oh yeah, its a public holiday for a few days up until monday, such a rare occurrence.

I was offered a deal I couldnt resist. Though I require large form of start-up investment in order to gain from the deal. I was naive in my calculations before, now I have to recalculate and it seems a bit hard in the beginning but would eventually help out in the long run.

Asked a friend who faced similar challenges, she says its normal to have that feeling and its always worth investing as it is an asset not a liability which degrades over time.

I've been going through a few websites on guides and stuff, even drafted my own spreadsheet. Now I am even more confused than ever. I felt the light, but then the dark side took over due to confusion.

The true meaning of love is to let go. Is it worth letting go all the blood sweat and tears? Maybe.. just maybe....

I would lose the fund to build a future for a partner though I gained very wised words of wisdom from a friend. "The investment is of course going to cost you, though getting married technically not, it is just a handshake".

*Mind blown*

Will be going through a lot over the next few weeks. Once I start to understand, I shall post a financial guide for dummies.

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