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What are we afraid of?

By  Dominic Blaaque     23.06     
What are we afraid of?

Gosh, I cant believe I still have readers here. Recently I had a request to share my meal prep spaghetti recipe which I normally do during my broke days (LOL). I shall do that soon............ uncertain how soon haha

So how's life been for the past hmmm year i guess? I was literally gone for half of the year this year due to adulthood. It wasnt easy, but it was definitely rewarding. A kind of a journey of a new sense of purpose of life.

As for later days ahead, the future that is, i am thoroughly planning for the next steps of adulthood. It has been quite a while since my last post, it might have been quite an emotional post for a 26 year old man like me, but oh well, it could either be a mistake to write it or it could either inspire, only god knows, what do we have to be afraid of right?

Life has been good so far, I've managed to read quite a significant number of books and slowly overcoming my phone addiction. Most recently I deleted the instagram and facebook app from my phone. I didnt delete my account, I still open my facebook account once a while, but that is just to follow up whether I have any interesting invites (weddings, open houses & etc.)  I still actively tweet, though I am not as addicted to it compared to fb and ig.

So far I am surprised how much hours of my life I have underutilized due to mindless soulless waste of unproductive scrolling on fb & ig. My weeknights ended before 10pm surprisingly. I was shocked that I was done with my daily necessities and house chores (and they were actually done lol). I was ready for bed before 10pm, *mindblown* *lol*

Besides that, I gained hours in the morning too, my previous routine was, as i woke up, i do meaningless scrolls which caused me to lose minutes of my life. and fortunately, I was up and ready to work and I literally had 30 minutes before the actual time I leave for work. So I manage to clean up or sweep the house a bit, then I leave for work. Somehow, I woke up much more fresher. I guess the screen detox is working out.

As for life skills, I learned to cook my own pizza and pretzels hooray lol and oh, I successfully cooked lasagna without causing anyone to get sick lol (HOMEMADE PASTA SHEETS!).

back to the topic, what are we afraid of?

After many depressing failures and going to hell and coming back alive, I've come to realize that, if something wasnt meant for, its just not meant for you. But there's no harm of asking the higher power and working hard for it, but if it is not meant for you, then its good to move on. There's no harm to grieve either, just grieve to let your mind clear and think of the greater rewards ahead. If there is loss, have faith that there is something better for you and you shall work hard for it. This paragraph is basically a collective of a summary of all the learning the hard ways in life so far that taught me.

Recently, I was contacted by a person that I highly respected, asking for a favor. However, the favor that was asked was utterly disappointing and heartbreaking. It is more heartbreaking not because of the favor, it was because of the favor that was asked from a highly respected person. I was asked to reduce interaction in order to avoid the person's significant other from having the wrong perception. Or in a much more understandable terms, to avoid the significant other from being jealous.

As a mature and understanding person would do, I agreed to the terms in order to maintain peace and harmony, to retain balance of the force lol. Honestly, I am surprised a person is intimidated by me. I have been single and not in a serious relationship for almost 4 whole years. I am not even among the most handsome of men. Not the alpha male sort.

As I said before, I agreed to the terms, though today, there was an unexpected twist, I discovered that, the respected person removed me entirely from the platform of communication. I was devastated and  heartbroken. How could a person like me would disrupt a relationship? Honestly, I just dont know how the world works or thinks around me anymore. So I took a few moments of grief and decided to act on a way that would benefit both sides (and still maintain harmony lol).

So back to the question, what are we afraid of? or what am i afraid of the implications of my actions? What I did, wouldnt be a problem more than ten years ago. So I took a leap of faith and let the owner of the universe decide my path with the "respected person". If we were to communicate again on good terms, that is because god is willing. As of now, I shall respect your terms and future proof it for your own good sake.

And to whoever I meet or networked with along my path throughout my life in the near and distant future, that is because god is willing for our paths to cross. May we use the network to benefit us in our favor and all humankind.

I do not have much to say to that respected person, but I highly hope you reconsider your perception on the people around you. Dont be afraid, put on some faith in people.If it meant to be, then it is meant to be....

Good luck in life everyone, may the odds be in your favor.

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