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university malaya

By  Dominic Blaaque     14.44     
y does almost every institution or some government thingy has their own theme song? Even mosquitoes have theme songs!!!! Haha Universiti Malaya, its a nice place to live here, Hifzudin (peter) is my room mate,though i didnt fully participated in minggu haluansiswa or in human language orientation week! As unexpected, i was attacked by fever on the first day haha rite after the first orientation, around 2am i went to the pusat perubatan university malaya with the abg fascilitator cheong guan yu, thank u! Haha i stayed there until 4.30am, the best of it was i was not just given medical supplies i was also given a piece of paper, yes, a piece of paper. One of the most powerful paper on earth haha i was given MC. Therefore, i couldnt participate the haluansesat program, i only took part during the important things, the english test and registration, everything else, i slept haha oh oh, i also joined the closing ceremony, that was fun! hifzudin (peter) masuk nasyid, choi masuk muzik gamelan, syira masuk dangdut haha joget gamelan, farahin (star) masuk drama.
Yesterday my family came, so then we went shopping at ikea. Now my room is much more happier haha
The best thing about UM is freeee wifi!!!

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