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Its 345am and i'm still not asleep

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i dont know y i cant sleep, my biological clock is going haywire haih....
Today will be my first mid semester exam in Pusat Asasi Sains University Malaya
The first paper is,Basic Chemistry 1
I used to hate chemistry alot back in secondary school days, but i dont know y the relationship between me and chemistry here are getting along quite well, i seem to love it more and more, chemical engineer in the future perhaps? then i can go, well, i used to fail chemistry when i was in secondary school hahaha who knows? haha the future is yet to come.

I think i fooled around quite alot here i guess, i hope drastic changes will act upon me right after mid sem exams, around 4pm this friday. Daddy, i wanna be a chemical engineer! haha wish me luck guys!

I havent updated my blog in ages, soon i realized i have 32 followers already!!!! haha sorry for the long wait guys! i still luv ya all! haha

Its nearly 4am haih, i have to start walking at 8AM to get to the examinations hall. oh i slept for more than 9 hours yesterday, no wonder i cant sleep haha Food for sahur already bought, cheapest sahur ever! only rm1.50.

The last paper for today will be computer science which ends at 430pm.

Tips for everyone out there, pengaruh rakan sebaya agak penting and jati diri jauh lebih penting, let ur jati out everyone. Run away if u have to! haha

oo ooo i cant wait for raya shopping this weekend!

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