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The Time Traveler's Wife

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.16     

Yesterday, as all UM asasians knows, it was a day of either celebration or depression for me, it was both haha
Depression came first, celebration later.

Basic Physics hmmmmmm no comment, whatever comes, sem 2 is still available :D

Exams finished around 11.30Am
but we got out of the exam hall around 12, arrived college around 12.15
Played around with paper airplanes, friday prayers around 1.30pm
got back to room, did some more packing,
went to KL Sentral at 3plus
Stored my bag and met up with Bazy hehe
she came all the way from KMB with her friends, thanks to Aleena for the ride from Banting.

Bazy was there to accompany me until my flight the following morning hehe :D
At first we wanted to go to Mid, but too many asasians there haha so we went somewhere else, since we went to Mid b4, we went to KLCC, but still met up with asasians haha but not much la.
We ate our lunch at 430pm, bought tickets for the Time Traveler's Wife for 720pm.

After our lunch we went to the KLCC park and took some photos hehe :D

Soon to be Surgeon and A tech -Nerd haha :D

I like this pic haha :P

Around 7.20Pm we went to TGV for our movie, we came in slightly late, but not too late hehe
Verdict about the movie, WEIRDEST MOVIE THAT I HAVE EVER SAW! haha
But the storyline was extremely good, who could have thought time traveling could be so romantic? haha A movie worth watching!

After the movie we went to famous amous to buy some soft cookies. After that we continued our journey to KL Central. In my mindset was that the bus to LCCT was 24hours, but it wasnt, it was 3am-till 10PM, i was at KL sentral at around 11pm haha Bazy and me waited at McDonalds KL Sentral until 3am, while waiting, we watched Wall-E on my laptop. I love that movie! haha

At McDonalds
Around 3 we boarded the bus and continued our journey to LCCT. We slept all the way zzzzz. As soon we arrive, we searched for a place to relax. So we went to coffee bean and i just slept there haha. Bazy was awake. As i woke up it was 6Am, 6.20 i checked in my flight... Then i checked in to the gates and had to say goodbye to Bazy ):

Thank You Soooo Much For Accompanying Me Bazy!

Around 815, i arrived in Johor Bahru and my father was already there waiting for me, as soon as i got home, i slept haha

Now i'm enjoying my holiday with some gaming, chatting and surfing the net, typical holiday eh? haha

till then


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