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hmmm sem 2?

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.57     
Thankfully, sem 2's schedule are not as packed as Sem 1, more time to rest and study!
and now..... hmmmm
Starting next week, there will be holidays on friday for three consecutive weeks, adoi.
should i stay here in UM and study all out?
or should i go home?

for sure money akan abis, i have no idea why i spend so much haha
but here are the pros and cons

Stay and Study
Tambah Ilmu
Tambah Rajin
Tambah Sabar

slightly increase in tension, just slightly
duit confirm abis, cuti, apa lg nak buat haha

Balik Rumah
-mengubat rindu terhadap keluarga haha

-Kena marah kerana results
-Tak belajar
-ilmu makin kurang? haha

Please vote!

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