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Two weeks till home

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.28     
I just dont know how to describe myself rite now
Either life is getting tougher
or i just have to prepare myself for this toughening life
i dont know whether i'm missing home,
or its just a jumble of emotions mixing around which is resulting to myself not having any

did the drama acted on me or was it i acting in it?
It seems that holidays are on every friday, i went no where, not even home.
And tommorrow is the x'mas holiday, a lot are going home, but i am not
i just dont know if its worth it or not going home.
for sure i'll be tired, but i thinks its worth more if i'm tired staying in my room in UM and hit some books as mid sem exams are like literally in three weeks.
today i'll have my break, but tommorrow, as in literally the clock strikes at 12am, if i'm not asleep yet, i might be hitting the books and trying to get all the tutorial done for the whole day, as there not much to do, since everyone is away, and solat jumaat is also tommorow, i'm not so keen to have an outing to lowyat or anywhere, i think its better that i prepare myself physically and mentally for not just my mid sems, but for my final sem exam.
its my last shot to one step closer towards my personal dream.

I hope the journey will start again here, in UM, with my course has the word ENGINEERING in it.
somehow this week kinda gave me a new aura or something, i just feel different, as if i've just entered this place, as if i've left home a few days ago. but i havent, it has already been 6 weeks since home, another two weeks to go.........

The whether lately has been very relaxing and cooling. it seems that my plant i have on my balcony is growing again since it was partially dead after falling from the 7th floor to the ground. Now its sharing a pot with another plant, which i have no idea of what its called haha

here's a pic of it

Two in one pot, the slightly dead one is on the left

i bought these at ikea for less than RM10, it sumtimes relaxes me and remind me of y i'm here in the first place :D

and today another sms cheered me up, a sony competition i've entered b4 gave good results, my mom texted me and said, u won an AC Milan Kaka Adidas Jersey worth RM369!

i'm not really an AC Milan fan though, but the jersey is worth it!
i'm guess i might be selling it though.... RM300 anyone? hehe

thats all for now i guess


p/s: i dont know whether you are reading or not, but i just want to say

Vous me manquez 

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SUSU. mengatakan...

OH EM GEE! I ada the exact same Ikea potted plant in my room! XD

Mum said it'll purify the air from toxins. They had an article 'bout it in Reader's Digest. Hahaha, lawl.