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New Year!

By  Dominic Blaaque     04.04     
Just because i'm losing, does it means i've lost?
I just dont know what to describe of my day today,
Woke up in the morning, my fever got worst,
I've decided to not go to today's lectures and classes,
Head to the clinic instead,
As soon as i got back from the clinic,
I fell asleep, it was around 10 plus...
Woke up later it was already around 1 oclock.

Further complications i've received and so on, i just dont what to do or feel anymore, its like suddenly u dont know ur emotions and all u want to do is just to what is logical to do, like work, or watch a movie. Coz it feels like there's nothing to do or to speak of. Or maybe its just that i was acting under influenced?

Be strong ejam, be clear, dont fool urself, achieve a still center!
Its not always i write emotional blogs...

Then b4 lunch i received a phone call from mom. she told me that she's coming tommorrow then later continue her journey to penang with the sofea and dad. Thats a relief to hear that they're coming and stay in KL for a night.

Later after dinner while was busy programming some C++ stuff for computer science class tommorow, my sister gave a call and asked me what size of shoe i'm wearing, as she wanted to buy me a new pair of sandals. Later on she mms'ed me a pic of it, it was nice for sure. Cant wait to wear them tommorrow.another hint of joy i guess?

i also had a chat with a friend to let go of slight pain i'm having, it seems that i'm just a bit anxious or maybe a lot. there's not much i could do in this condition i'm in, i just have to go with the flow and work harder to ensure the flow of my life is at optimal performance.... And let go of the anxiety!!! Enough with it ejam!! Lose the anxiety!

I just hope for a better tommorow and so on, as time is getting tighter as it seems that ur surrounded by 4 walls with time written on it and it keeps on pressing on u every second.

Awal muharram is here, lets hope for a better year! As the year i've been through was a tough one with all the trials and complications....
Its time to get up and work hard.

And a quote iread b4,
In order to improve oneself,
One must move and improve from what was one proud of b4.....

Happy new year everyone!
p/s: to my beloved readers, i'm sorry if u r clueless about what i wrote. Its 4 am malaysian time and i just cant sleep :(

Thanks for reading :)

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.cik ceria. mengatakan...

i also had a chat with a friend to let go of slight pain i'm having..

.cik ceria. mengatakan...

Its 4 am malaysian time and i just cant sleep.
just realized this one...