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By  Dominic Blaaque     22.19     
Yesterday i went out with old friends, Asryaf, Amir, and Ariff.
we didnt went far, but we went very near, around 300m from my house, MBO Cinemas UMall
It was the first time i've watched a movie there, honestly, the place is quite good, the only problem was, the gradient was too small, we could see heads!
The overall quality was okay.
The tickets were cheap too
only rm10 and i'm proud to be amongst the earliest malaysians to watch iron man 2.

The movie i would say, could be quite confusing if u didnt focused on the first movie and ur not a even a pinch of a marvel comics fanboy, because there were lots of hints on upcoming movies marvel planned in the future such as the "Avengers" ( sure cant wait for this one!) and some characters were related to the comics such as Nick Fury(Samuel L. Jackson) and Black Widow(Scarlett Johanson), people would go, who the hell are this dudes?
it seems that this movie is not all out for commercial priority, but for fanboys i would admit, way to go marvel!

After the movie, we went to a mamak restaurant for a long chat to catch up on one another since we havent seen each other for quite a time. finally, i got back at home around 2 am :D

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Roy IV mengatakan...

I had heard Iron Man 2 sucked. I'm glad that's not true.