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Golden Call

By  Dominic Blaaque     06.59     
Since the popularity of blogs like OhTidak has increased, it seems that many blogs today are not like blogs anymore, some talking about weird stuff, some talking about current stuff and some are just plain awful.

I believe these people have forgotten that a blog is an ONLINE JOURNAL which u can share experiences with
everyone who's reading it


*buy urself a website domain*


I've always wanted to express this, recently, i'm seeing to many "OhTidak" kind of blogs, its getting annoying heh

Okayh, Harry Potter is out today, it seems that tickets EVERYWHERE (major cinemas) are fully booked, except for MBO taman pulai utama haha! I never really watched the 6th one, the half blood prince one if i'm not mistaken.

And yesterday, i received a call from my Program Head Lecturer (I'm not sure how u say it in english haha)

Pn Norliana Abbas, she informed me that i have to write a formal letter upon my proposal for changing programs, i'm sure you guys have no idea of what i'm talking about, lets rewind

around a few months ago, early July to be exact, I was given the chance to study in UiTM.
The program was Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)
u see at the end in the bracket "MANUFACTURING", Mr Zulkifli, wanted me to enter BACHELOR OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, u see it doesnt have any brackets at the end, this is also known as PURE MECH.
Since pure mech was full, he offered me MANUFACTURING instead. Honestly, the first time i heard that it got "MANUFACTURING" at the end, i wasnt so keen to enter, i told my dad, i want to go to UniMAP for microelectronic engineering haha, but in the end i accepted the offer because i never had any better choice, that was the best......... FOR THAT TIME haha

and so i gave it a try, but after a sem, i think i'm better off with pure mech, it seems better for me because I HAVE NO INTEREST IN MANUFACTURING, I WANNA DO AUTOMOTIVE, R n D, OIL AND GAS, some other stuff besides, MANUFACTURING.

And there are more classes offered for Pure mech because there are so many students, therefore, i can pull subjects here and there, and free some days, i have a wider choice to choose my own schedule.

and rite now this is my status

Current Program:
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (MANUFACTURING) (EM221)

Proposed Change of Program:
Bachelor of Mechanical (EM220)

besides that, EM221 seems a bit drifted away, all the shiny lights of opportunity all on EM220s,
and for industrial training program for germany, only EM220 are offered germany. so its worth changing programs.

back to Pn Nor Liana,
she called me and she told me that i have to write a letter of proposal to change programs and give solid reasons why i want to change programs,

after thinking and thinking and thinking, it seems that i'm a bit of an ass, mcm org tak bersyukur, elok2 dah dapat tmpt belajar nak tukar program pulak?

i'm a bit in a dilemma, TO CHANGE, OR NOT TO CHANGE?

Wht do u think?

My initial decision right now is to proceed with changing programs, but i'm a bit short on ideas for reasons to change programs heh.................. :| help

*why didnt i took law back after spm?

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Idzham Ibrahim, your friendly neighbourhood unemployed mech eng graduate

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iBazy mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Tya Matdiah mengatakan...

why shortchange yourself? face it, the reason why you're holding back is because you have to write a formal letter. kalau tak, you probably would have jumped right into pure mech. go for what you want, ejam.

Nadrah Ahmad mengatakan...

tukar course??