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Its the holiday season

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.45     
Its the holiday season, everybody is wondering what is everyone else is doing?
After SPM dudes are going to metric or where  ever they are headed to, and ex-metric dudes are on holiday or we might call it "unemployed" and waiting for the results to come.
Of course everyones wondering what the hell are u doing! haha
some find a job, some stay at home, some just do nothing, but most of us keeps mom and dad happy by not getting into any trouble :D
i'm not the kind of son that is let out freely going to other states or doing something adventurous and i get criticized without doing anything by my parents :D haha

I tried asking them for guitar lessons and this is what EXACTLY what my dad said(well its translated in english and dramatized a bit haha)

Son, u know what, some people are born with talent, ur lil sister learned to play the guitar herself and I personally asked her to play a song for me and she could play a whole song from start till the end. And ur big sister havent played a song in front of me ever since she started on the guitar even though she's the much more "Kecoh" one about the guitar. You look at tiger woods, he havent played in months due to his "scandal" and yet he got third place for a major title, he's just talented. Ejam, u got talent urself, u can swim and ur good at computers.

end of speech haha

honestly, i think he just wants me to sit quietly at home.............

thats quite sad actually......... haih............

Okay, lets move on to what i really do during this holiday season :D

I will describe it with the help of two photos :|

Thanks to Hussein for these babies :D
*the picture tells it all
from left
1-GTA 4
2-Mirror's Edge
3-Prince of Persia
4-Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
5-Assassins Creed 2

U might ask why am i using two computers instead of one
As u can see the one on the left is for gaming, because it gives out a better gaming experience with a faster processor and graphic card which i personally overclocked myself :D
and the one on the right is my personal laptop, which is for Facebook or other normal internet stuff such as YM "WHILE  gaming" haha

You will probably wonder that why am i not living a healthy life, do you want to know y? there's only one car at home, yes, one, my dad's beemer, which i occasionally drive  but have total control of it instead of the MPV which is getting fixed

and yes, i am getting pale  :D

right now, i dont sleep right and i spend my time playing dota while facebook or watch some videos on MTV online, my personal favourite is Rob Dyrdek Fantasy Factory u should try watching it :D

sorry if i'm a bad friend because i dont hang out much, blame my parents :D

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