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By  Dominic Blaaque     09.44     
I miss those days when i didnt felt any depressing emotions
starting from this day now on, i will neglect all these depressing thoughts and live happily ever after

emotions emotions emotions, are they within us? or there are ways to overcome these things?
i am off to a journey of my personal experiments and observation.

okay, enough with that, lets move on to the real deal.

i've been camping in a friends room since the dawn of study week, i carried my mattress all the way from my room to put it here (i'm in the middle of my friends room). It seems happier and way less depressing. They are i have to say my life savers. Life had gotten much sweeter since i've been hanging around with my floormates instead of those old depressing lousy people who i used to call "friends". 

Its very happy here, i feel positive energy orbiting around me in this room, has a new feel to it.

Studying? i must say that i am very happy studying here. I am not alone, but i work together with my friends here. We work together, study together, figure out study probs together and have fun together.This is like a place to chill out and just feel happy :)

I still do float around, therefore i am living a happier hybrid life :)

and as for what happened on 9/4/10
early in the morning, its a normal routine to wake up then after subuh, go for a shower,
i went to my room took my toiletries. MY ROOMMATE WAS STILL IN THE ROOM WHEN I WAS THERE! but when i got back, i realize i've left my keys inside my room, i didnt took 'em with me. The worst thing was, MY ROOMMATE HAD LEFT ALREADY (* he leaves early because he walks to the exam hall, whereas, i ride Haniff Helmi's Kancil  hehe :D)

I was what people might say a Disaster? haha i went back to my camp (B740) thankfully, all my stationaries were there, my wallet was there also fuuh... a sigh of relief. I had no options but to borrow stuff, clothing, belt, shoes, socks, BOXERS haha

I would like to thank these people for all their support and help

1-Faiz Farhan-Trousers,socks and shoes
2-Farid Zamani-t-shirt and baju melayu
3-Haniff Helmi-Belt
4-Kawa Aziz-BOXER hahaa

thank u!

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3 komentar:

Mr Ben mengatakan...

wahahaha. gile ah. sumpah stai..

SUSU. mengatakan...

FAIZ? Bukan dia kat 2nd floor ke? That's a LONG way down for a pair of trousers! :D

Floater hybrid. (: Me likey.

Dominic Blaaque mengatakan...

Faiz lain lah su haha