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By  Dominic Blaaque     17.14     
I have less than 4 weeks in this land of mental and physical torture, i oversleep alot and i cant wait for it to end, but am i prepare for the end? i guess not yet? haha
Yesterday's 2 hours of lecture in the morning became only 1, because Mr.Z cancelled off the class and planning to replace it later. Heard rumors that its going to be a 2 hour class of pop-com.
Kids of pasum who didnt went to the 8 o clock lecture and decided to enter at 9, werent very happy about that, as they had to turn around towards nothing.
Where I was on the way to the cafe for some breakfast, then i bumped into Suraya,Suzana and Puteri Amira at the ATM. I had no intention for a morning drive, but somehow Suzana said yes eventhough i wasnt so serious bout it initially! haha Suzana drove us in her COUPE Suzuki Jimmy Vitara (Yes, its a coupe because it has only 2 doors! haha) We went towards  Seksyen 17 and  ate at a my favourite restaurant there, Kanna Curry House, which is claimed by us an Expensive Premium Mamak Shop, because the last time i was there i've been charged of RM11.70 haha which consisted of the following items

1-2 Roti Planta
2-a SMALL plate of Lamb Curry

yes, thats all that i ate haha.

Breakfast was nice there, i ate thosai this time and it did not cost as expensive as before haha
I drove on the way back with Suzana facing the shock of her life, which is me driving her COUPE haha
*at least its not suraya driving, no offense su hahaa
After not driving a manual for quite a while, it wasnt so hard catching up, the clutch of the coupe wasnt as hard as dad's old merc and it wasnt as powerful either, so its quite a good beginners car for manual transmission haha.

We got back happily with no casualties, i went to my room, they all went to class at 10am.

And for today, its our last Probabilty and Stat Class with Puan Rohayatimah, it was indeed a surprised she insisted that we take a picture with her before we go out and so we did! haha

Here's the pic

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SUSU. mengatakan...

Damn right, nasib baik it wasn't me driving! xD