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Raya Eve

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.00     
What do people do at the eve of raya haji?
As usual, cooking, cleaning, this and that, all the raya stuff

As for me today, it was the first time i went out of the house since i got back last wednesday. I realized my skin is getting PALE haha but no vitamins today, it kept raining raining and raining

I decided to go out with Haniff Helmi, a friend of mine from pasum who is now studying Civil Engineering in UTM. We went out to Holiday Plaza, a legendary place in JB where u want to find all the black market stuff such as Pirated DVDs, Blu-Ray, Games and stuff.i cant believe my eyes, pirated ps3 games exists! it has been for a month or two. Its really simple, u just bring ur ps3, pay for around rm150++, they hack ur PS3 without even opening it (your warranty will not be void :D) and voilla, ur ps3 can now play pirated games. The games doesnt use any blu-ray disc,u can store them either in ur PS3 hard disk, or an external hard disk, so next time if u wanna buy new ps3 game, u just bring ur external hard disk and they will copy the game into the disc. Similar to the pirated PSP system today, but much complicated and the files are in GB size.

But there's a hitch, only users who their PS3 are currently in the 3.41 firmware are allowed to play the pirated games, those who are running on 3.42 and 3.50, i'm sorry, Sony already did something to stop the hackers from hacking.

I called my father as soon as possible and asked him whether to do it or not, he told me, "we only use the ps3 to play blu-ray movies, no one is playing with it  unless ur home".

I still had the intention to upgrade to the system, so i called my sister to check my ps3 firmware and drum roll please.............

mine had already been upgraded to 3.42, damnit  D:

So i have to stick to original games...............

and so i went to Pelangi Leisure Mall to wait for my package to arrive (as mentioned in the previous post),
Around 7PM, and there it was, freshly sealed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood!!!!! Only RM160! *anyone nak order, contact me :D

and i went home, put the disc into the ps3 and there it was, a message that no ps3 owner in malaysia wants to read

*To play this game, u have to upgrade ur system to the latest 3.50 firmware*

My chances of pirated games is gone........

What to do, i already paid for this game, so i've updated it to 3.50.........

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