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By  Dominic Blaaque     21.20     
Yes, thats what i feel, not mentally, but physically, i wish to cover my body with lots and lots of tiger patch and salon pas.

I've been taking golf lessons for the past two weeks, to heal my talent which is already there haha though there were many flaws in my previous swing and now i am in the state of transition from my own swing to my new swing. My coach said its normal for me to feel pain, that means that there's progress haha

Pain is everywhere, my fingers, pinky, wrist, shoulders, back, everywhere that is in relation to a golf swing, which means hmmmm, everywhere?haha i wish i could go to a spa and rejuvenate myself, a maybe a new hair cut, yes, i do need one, rebonding again? haha, maybe i'll go for one tomorrow morning hahaha

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