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Japan Malaya, Mohawk dan Sungai Buloh

By  Dominic Blaaque     23.57     
I was away for a few days, to finally make up for my boring holiday hehe
on the 22nd of february, i went to watch the football match of malaysia vs japan, they sucked big time haha i went there with Anis (Raffle) since she was also on holiday from indonesia :D , overall it was a fun experience, i can see that our malaysian players were frustrated and tired from the beginning, since they are actually playing for nothing. the japanese players were big ass big! haha compared to malaysian players. the japs played good.
here are some pics

empty empty stadium haha

kenapa spek kami hampir sama haha

after the football match, we went to kajang to eat some satay of course

the weird face explains it all, she's eating rabbit!!!! haha first time!
the next day, the first thing i did was, i got a haircut.
its a special haircut, the day before my results were out, i promised that if i get good results, i would cut my hair to near bald...... NEAR BALD that is... i went to the cheap rm15 hair salon at usj 19 mall.
i showed the hairstylist this picture

she said okayh, but it turned out something near to this one instead,

haha, kidding! here it goes,
drumroll please....

near bald eh? haha
after the haircut, i went to my sister's office to pick some stuff up, she was like, what the fuck??? haha
and then kak ili was there too. she asked why did i cut like that?
i answered, Nazar
in the evening i went to meet up with zafirah and dalila at Sg Buloh, long long long time i havent been there, theres a new place called TSB, kinda cool actually,

dalila took that pic haha
and here are pictures of dalila and zafirah

after hanging out with them, i went to ikea to buy some stuff,the next day, which is today, kembali ke johor bahru.
k lah, gotta catch some shut eye, gonna play golf tomorrow! ciau!
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