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Marriage, Love, Love, Love and Love, dont you ever get tired of these sort of posts haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.55     
There's that part in life when your friends which are not too far in terms of age from you starts to get married.
Some are younger than you, some are older and some are the same age as you.
Some already have two children at your age (TRUE STORY!)

I've went through the hell of an unsuccessful relationship, the sweet parts were sweet but the downfalls are bitter.
Just like eating  bittergourd , even though it isnt sweet, but it is good for health. Hopefully the bitter downfalls act the same way...... hopefully.... hopefully... hmmm hopefully.... (fading echo.....)

I am really happy for my friends who have got married! To me, you are the luckiest bunch of people on earth, managing to find the answer of some of the toughest question in this living world \, you guys manage to find the answer to "Is he/she the one?" , get married, have a wedding and lived happily ever after.

I've been receiving question from some of my close friends. What kind of girl do you want Idzham? after a thorough thought on that question after a few hours, after finishing a few chapters of an audiobook and after watching a thai movie (Tom Yum Goong 2), I think i've finally figured out the formula towards answering this question

Here it goes

The sort of girl that is immature in terms of entertainment interest, the kind that would have a high interest in comic book or cartoon characters such as iron man, adventure time with fin and jake , kung fu panda and etc. The kind that would stay up with me just to watch these sorts of movies. THE KIND THAT LOVES STAR WARS! SCI FI MOVIES! and able to understand the terms in these sort of movies.

The kind that is a tech nerd, who has the confident in handling tech gadgets and able to debate about me on these tech gadgets. The kind that is not afraid to sing with me on songs that would be deemed weird in this malaysian culture, such as spice girls, bohemian rhapsody. The sort that doesnt mind dating with me at a mamak shop and has a very high interest and knowledgeable on indian, pakistani, arabic food (definitely a plus).

The kind that is willing to challenge me and stay up with me to play video games such as Call Of Duty, Castle Crashers and Portal.

The kind that is good in directions and willing to try and take alternative roads to go somewhere.

The kind that is able to have a western point of view, western malay point of view and malay point of view. Confused eh? haha the kind of girl who could understand the western culture and able to communicate in such culture but doesnt forget that deep down she's malaysian, and she could mix around with the malaysian culture at every level of society. The kind that could understand my deep sense of humour. And also understand my dirty jokes too haha the kind who could speak fluent english of course.

The kind that knows how to take care of herself in terms of health. Able to do sports such as swimming and willing to do sports together and force me to work out if i ever got out of shape.

The kind who could understand my economic situation at certain times.

The kind who doest not dictate at will and does not ruin the mood if things does not go her way while dating...

The kind that could keep her cool even though in the darkest of situation and able to control her tone while communicating.

The kind that appreciates whatever new knowledge that comes to her, not afraid to learn new things and able to share and cherish that knowledge. The kind that would say no if we dated too much and force me to study. For this i know she has discipline.

As a conclusion, I must say that the kind of girl that would be a perfect wife, would sort of be a BFF turned wife? haha

anyway, i think that is all for now, i end this post with an awesome photo haha


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