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Year in Review 2013

By  Dominic Blaaque     22.07     
So yesterday as I was wandering around while doing my work and procrastinating, as people at my age would do, they would start watching youtube videos. At every end of the year, there will be a youtube video called,  Youtube Rewind. Recently Youtube Rewind 2013 is finally out! Its not even the 2nd part of December yet, but it was awesome!!! last year's theme was Gangnam Style, this year.... drumroll... it was, WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY! haha

Here's the awesome video

So that was youtube's year in review, so what about yours?

Anyway, this is my 2013 year in review, I may not remember it all, but I will try my best

Gained my Bronze Lifesaving Medallion
Won 3rd Place in a competition and Rm1000 with it
Went to Pulau Perhentian
Scuba Diving and Snorkling!
Internship for 3 months
Became a swimming pool lifeguard and a swimming instructor
Learned Muay Thai, Boxing and Brazillian Jiujitsu,
Went to an MMA event!
Finally met an online friend of mine i've known for 7-8 years in real life
Watched fireworks at Putrajaya!
and many other fun and stupid stuff haha

I guess 2013 was a lot of fun, there was one thing that i love about 2013 the most, I met a lot of awesome people and had a lot of fun with new and old friends, so many to mention,I love you guys <3 p="">

Peace out!

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