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Till October Recap

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.47     
Damn, my last post was in 2013 haha
Since the "Facebook" era , getting the creative vibes trying to write a blog is quite difficult. It just gets harder and harder to write the right words and write the right things in the right ways.... Lets give it a shot tonight.

So i've been in shah alam for literally since March 2013..... Semester 6 then internship for 3 months then Semester 7 which started 2 weeks ago. Right after my internship. I just got back to JB today, for my mid semester break.

How was life you may ask. i think it was the most busiest and tiring 7 months i've ever had going on into my life. There were parts that i really regret for probably the rest of my life and there were even more parts which i would cherish definitely forever. Lets list down the awesome parts

1-Made awesome friends
2-Got my Malaysian Lifesaver License
3-Went to pulau perhentian
4-Made more awesome friends
5-Won 3rd place in an academically based competition
6-Grew very long facial hair
7-Got a part time job
8-Stopped lying to myself
 and there are many many many more..............

There is so much to write, i guess i'll write them up later :D

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